I graduated in the Spring of 2016 as engineer from a private Los Angeles based university. I’m currently working at one of the big 5 consulting companies, and I am hoping that I would be attending graduate school next Fall. I took the year “off” to learn more about what type of graduate program I want to apply to and discover what I want to do with my engineering degree, but also to go back to school loan free.

I love animals and always have. This is why I also studied Biology, although not included in my curriculum except for one required course, when I was in college. My overall goal is to be accepted into a Ph.D/DVM dual degree program, where I hope to find a way to integrate both my engineering and veterinary medicine passions. I believe in improving and providing the best quality of life for all animals first and foremost, and then use my knowledge as a vet to collaborate with M.D.s in the field to help better human medicine, find cures to rare diseases, and discover alternative, more effective, and less painful methods to current medical procedures. Most importantly, I want to find a way to provide more affordable health care for everyone that has a pet, volunteer for no-kill rescues to provide my services as a vet, and provide those same services in third-world countries. People need to remember that we are not the only ones living on this planet and animals play a huge role in not only allowing our species to continue to live, but also offer their companionship and collaboration for us to live harmoniously.

Yes, I have pretty big goals, but like I always tell myself, “I only have one life.” What else am I going to be doing in my twenties? This is what I enjoy, what challenges me to grow and develop into a better, more informed person. This life, isn’t just about me, but also how my choices affect those around me. So hello neighbor! Welcome to my life as Marisol.

Here I will share with you life experiences in my life, school, and the corporate world. Hope you enjoy! I am always open to any discussions.



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